11 Plus Tuition Online Lessons: Creative Writing

Online 11 Plus Creative Writing Course

*IMPORTANT* - There is an extremely long waiting list for online lessons (over 90 students) so applications for online lessons have been temporarily suspended. Please also note that as of 01st November 2019, there will be no option of One to One/Online Lessons. 

Online lessons are taught by Creative Writing specialist, Richard Gray. All of our students have shown vast improvement in their writing within a month. Within six months our students are writing at an elite level and some of our students have even competed in writing competitions such as  "Arts Richmond Young Writers' Festival."

Many parents have contacted us stating that they do not feel that their current tutor or tuition centre provides adequate training for Creative Writing which is why we have created this online course to address any literary deficiencies and writing weaknesses.

Online 11 Plus Comprehension

We have a wide range of comprehension material for our online course ranging from basic 7+ content to challenging 11+ articles and questions. Our focus is on: 

  • ensuring students grasp effective comprehension techniques 
  • answering in full sentences
  • stating sufficient points/including relevant quotes 

Please contact us to let us know your requirements and we will tailor an online course to meet your needs.

Online Trial Lesson

Are you skeptical about online tuition? Are you concerned that online tuition is not as effective as in person? 

Don't worry, our initial thoughts as tutors were exactly that. However, having hosted lessons with numerous satisfied clients we can wholeheartedly say that online tuition is just as effective as teaching in person. The benefits are that it is cheaper, more convenient and more flexible for students and they are able to learn in the comfort of their home. 

Please get in touch with us for your trial lesson and assessment so that you can witness this for yourself.