Terms & Conditions

Crystal Tuition - Condensed Terms and Conditions for 2018/2019 Courses

The below is a condensed version of the terms and conditions for the 2018/19 courses. Please note that the full terms and conditions are attached to our application forms which can be downloaded from the "Course Application" section.


25 lessons in Maths and English to be provided between Dec 2018 to July 2019.


Unless specified otherwise, lessons are due to be held in the following location

Sundays - Brook Kingston Lodge Hotel, Kingston Hill, Kingston Upon Thames, KT2 7NP

Registration Fee:

A one-off registration fee of £75 must be paid before lessons commence to secure a place for the student and is non-refundable 

Course Fees for Year 5 (Advanced Course):

For “Year 5 (Advanced Course)”, an annual fee of £2,060 must be paid entirely upfront or in six termly installments. 

Course Fees for Creative Writing Course:

For Creative Writing Course, an annual fee of £747.50 must be paid entirely upfront or in six termly instalments. 

Late Payment Fee:

A late payment fee of £50 will be added to each course fee that is received late by us, without exception. The late payment fee is to deter late payments.

Early Termination:

Please email crystal.tuition.team@gmail.com with the subject title “Termination Request” if you wish to exit the agreement before the course officially ends. The notice period required is 4 lessons in advance.

Referral Scheme/Recommendation Bonus:

A reward of £50 is available to those who refer successful applicants to Crystal Tuition.  


Crystal Tuition will use email and WhatsApp as our primary methods of communication, please use either when communicating to us in writing.If you do not have access to WhatsApp please notify us so that we can text instead as we may make announcements via broadcast messages. 

Note: Please save the Crystal Tuition number on your mobile phones or else you will not receive WhatsApp broadcast messages.